Services We Provide

Edge Immigration provides a variety of services to people inside and outside of Canada. There are many different ways to immigrate to Canada. Because we are located in Saskatchewan we are familiar with the opportunities here and are well positioned to guide you through the programs unique to this province. Saskatchewan has immigration options for you not available in other provinces.

Our office has been providing immigration consulting services in Saskatoon since 2008. Since then we have gained considerable experience in supporting the goals of each of the parties with whom we interact on a daily basis, particularly, prospective applicants; Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC); and the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

After doing dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of applications, we have come to understand very well the eligibility criteria to be met by applicants as well as knowing what information IRCC and SINP are seeking to receive. We do careful screening of clients to ensure they are eligible for a program. The chances of success are then improved for the applicant. As well, the process for the decision-makers, e.g. IRCC and SINP, is made easier with a properly presented application.

In addition to guiding applicants from the beginning of an application process, we are also called upon to assist with renewing and repairing temporary status. Many who are in Canada on a temporary status are interested in changing their status from temporary to permanent—every day we are asked how this can be done. We then go through the process of determining if this can be done and, if it is possible, map out the steps to accomplish this change to permanent resident status. We are always thrilled to see the relief of new permanent residents who have left temporary status behind; they can now start to put down roots, make long-term plans, and build a stable future with their families.

We provide the following services:

Maple Leaf

  • Evaluating eligibility for permanent residency–economic categories
  • Evaluating eligibility for family class sponsorships
  • Evaluating eligibility for temporary residency categories –visitor, student, worker, super visa
  • Express Entry applications
  • Spousal Sponsorship applications outside / inside Canada
  • Dependent child sponsorship applications
  • Parent sponsorship applications
  • SINP Skilled Worker category applications
  • SINP Existing Work Permit subcategory applications
  • SINP Health Professions category applications
  • SINP Student category applications
  • SINP Hospitality category applications
  • Live-in Caregiver permanent residence applications
  • Work permit applications –inside Canada
  • Work permit applications –to visa offices outside Canada
  • Super visa applications
  • Work Permit renewals for those with Post-Graduate Work Permits
  • Work Permit renewals for those with LMIA-obtained Work Permits
  • Work Permit renewals for those with Working Holiday Work Permits
  • Work Permit renewals for those with Young Professional Work Permits
  • Work Permit renewals for those with Open Work Permits
  • Study Permit Renewals
  • Visitor extensions / Visitor Record renewals
  • Re-entry visa applications
  • Criminal inadmissibility reviews and opinions
  • Temporary Resident Permit matters
  • Applications for Rehabilitation
  • Medical inadmissibility reviews and opinions
  • Repairing permanent residency applications previously submitted
  • Repairing work permit applications previously submitted
  • Responding to allegations of applicant misrepresentation
  • Providing guidance, re: obtaining police certificates
  • Providing guidance on landing to become an permanent resident at Port of Entry
  • Providing guidance on obtaining work/study permits at Port of Entry
  • Travel document applications for Permanent Residents outside Canada
  • Travel document applications for Permanent Residents inside Canada via passport office
  • Permanent Resident card renewals
  • Permanent Resident Status Determination matters
  • IRB matters –sponsorship appeals
  • Citizenship applications
  • Intervening when materials submitted to visa offices have been lost
  • Access to Information requests
  • Providing guidance, re: medical exams