The Express Entry immigration stream was introduced in January, 2015.  This online system is designed to attract permanent residence applicants with the most points based :

  • Age
  • Language ability in English / French
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Canadian education / work experience
  • Job offer (under specified criteria)
  • Spouse’s education / language ability

The process begins with prospective applicants checking to see if they are eligible to enter the Express Entry Pool using the Come to Canada tool.  A few evaluation questions are asked and, if eligible, the applicant is given a code to use to access the Express Entry system through a MyCIC account.  At this stage it is critical to be careful in providing accurate responses to the questions—if incorrect or inaccurate information is given, this can later lead to a refusal of the application.

When first in the Express Entry system, the applicant is asked more detailed questions.  The purpose of these questions is to determine how many points can be attained for age, language ability, etc.  (anyone wanting to do an informal assessment of their points can use the Comprehensive Ranking System tool).  After the detailed questions are answered, the applicant then submits their information and, a few seconds later, receives a message in their MyCIC account indicating how many points that applicant has been awarded.

Every week or two a draw is done from the pool of candidates and those with the highest points are invited to apply for permanent residence. IRCC posts how many persons have been drawn in previous rounds of invitations and the number of points held by the lowest-drawn applicants.

When applicants are invited to apply, they are given 90 days to go back into their Express Entry profile and answer more detailed questions which then causes a document checklist to be generated.  Again, care must be taken not only to provide all the requested documents, but to provide the proper requested documents—providing inaccurate or misleading materials can cause the application to be refused.

The goal of this entire exercise is to attain Canadian permanent residence status.  If the applicant truly did have the assessed points, and all information and materials is confirmed to satisfy the Express Entry program criteria, the applicant will be pleased to become a permanent resident of Canada.